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is creating Visual Art, Animation, and Various Writings

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Even if you can only spare $5 a month, you're incredibly generous to contribute even that. Thank you. Not only will I thank you by name for your contributions in the credits sections of full-length videos (5 minutes or longer), but I will also give you first dibs on open art commission slots.

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Thank you for your contribution! As a Cen-TEN-nial, you get all the benefits of the Fiver tier PLUS a guaranteed, free surprise bonus doodle with every piece you commission from me.

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Getting a bit ambitious here! When you become a Quarterstaffer, you get all the previous benefits PLUS the ability to cut in for a commission even if all slots are filled!




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Hello, and welcome to my Patreon! Whether you've followed my work for a while or are just now checking it out, thank you. I deeply appreciate your interest. You can call me defective_agency, if you like.

While I am currently studying to get into my chosen career field, I am also striving to improve my art and writing skills in order to best serve my numerous original creative concepts. 

My goal for this Patreon is to essentially raise funds for various tools and other items to help me along in my endeavors. Any and all contributions are greatly valued! While my tiers don't offer much in the way of rewards right now, I hope to change that in the coming years.

Thank you for reading this, and I would love to have your kind patronage.
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Though I want to save up for a perpetual license of ToonBoom Harmony Advanced, that's going to be a bit steep. So, I want to focus on earning my first hundred on here before anything else. Let's see how this goes!
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