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Stonelayers are the base for all dwarven constructions.  You'll have access to our discord, and be able to converse with us directly on the processes that we are going through.  As well as story development.
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Smiths help build the more intricate parts of dwarven society, they assist in toolmaking as well as machining.  With this, you will have access to the beta stage standalone game as well as Discord permissions to offer your two cents.
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Nothing gets done without a Hammer, at some point or another.  Hammerers will be directly listed in all credits if they wish, as well as having access to some Alpha builds to assist in knocking out the bugs.  Of course this includes the previous tiers rewards as well.
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Coming to you straight from the masterminds at Defiant Walrus: a fantasy strategy game set in the stunning dwarven city of Naregost. This game is an idea spurned over the years by Project Director Allan and Lead Programmer Paul, with the world handed over to author Lavinia to build and weave into a full storyline.

This game takes players into a unique world with well-rounded characters. The city of Naregost is carved into the immense peaks of Shivering Mountain, over centuries of mining. In those centuries, dwarves have mined four magical minerals that have become the foundation of magic for numerous species. Naregost dwarves are as diverse as they are entrenched in their traditions; devoted to their religion; married to mining and building; proud, tough and stubborn.
Whispers blew around the ancient mountain for thousands of years about the abundance of wealth hidden within, for those who might be brave enough to dig for it. Many were hesitant, for no one knew what awaited them at the core of Shivering Mountain.

The one dwarf who remains vigilant in mining is Grikon, known as the “Panicked Engineer”. He has passed mining down on to his sons yet is knowledgeable about the old stories telling of something trapped in the mountain’s core. Or was it someone? The various versions overlapped with time.

Then it happened. At a typical work day, Grikon strikes an odd metal, shimmering the four colours of the minerals: blue, red, yellow and green. Lustrous and mysterious. Despite his vigilance, Grikon is drawn to the metal and does what every ounce of his logic says not to…he keeps digging.

The find makes a shift in the energy of Shivering Mountain, felt by Aldrich, the patient, mild-mannered cleric. As Grikon continues digging, something begins pounding angrily at the core.
It craves release, drawing in anyone who will keep digging.

Grikon remains silent and forbids his sons and brother from speaking of the find, biting his tongue as word flies about greed and materialism being the downfall of Naregost.

Aldrich knows with a dreaded fear that something is terribly wrong, even before Grikon’s secret is told. No prophecy, no priest nor religious soul could have predicted what it would mean.
Aldrich prays, yet something is rising in Shivering Mountain as Grikon’s paranoia makes him a laughingstock among his brothers and sons. Yet the engineer is being watched by the cleric, who sees the pieces before him.

From forests afar, Dallka, a leery rogue from a rare cat-like race, knows the legend. In fact, she knows it better than any dwarf, and the consequences of what has been done. Aldrich becomes mediator and listener between Dallka and Grikon as greed consumes Naregost. Miners die on the job, yet others keep diligently digging.

Dallka knows the truth. Grikon doesn’t trust the catfolk woman. Aldrich is watching his world crumble around him.

The cat-woman knows too much for her own good, Grikon says. Rogues can’t be heroes. Or can they?

Defiant Walrus invites players to join the odd trio as they try to stop The Plight from destroying Naregost, and to restore nature’s balance that has been cruelly offset by greed. Magic, adventure, an enthralling storyline and quirky characters make up only a small part of this game’s world.

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