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Thank you so much! For $1 you will be helping me in the production of these games, and have my undying gratitude!
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Thanks! For $10 you will be included in the "Special Thanks" of every game under the title "Hardcore Gamers", as well as receive special content on my channel such as update videos. Unfortunately I can't offer more at this time, but I will continue to update the benefits as I go!




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About David Ingham

Hello there! My name is David Ingham, and I am a hobbyist tabletop game designer!

My goals for this page are to help me fund the creation of printable RPGs for one-shots, and possibly even sponsor future board and card games that I want to design! I have a number of games in the works, and will be publishing them for all to download.

All of the games I design will be free to download, since I'm not looking to exactly make a living from this but rather I just become very happy knowing that others are enjoying the games I create. However, your donations will allow you some exclusive content, as well as being part of the "Special Thanks" of each game.

I am hoping to publish playtest materials and/or a finished game every month or two. If that becomes impossible, then the benefits will change to payments being made only when a paid post is published, which will include only the full game.

I look forward to publishing a lot of RPGs for you all, and I hope that you will help this community grow into something much larger!
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I'm only placing this at $500 because I want to keep this low for now. I'm not expecting to make a living off of this, rather it would just help support me a bit so I can continue to provide great content for you all.
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