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is creating literature, stills, and films.
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About Russell De La Cruz

I believe that, between the information, the facts that normalize our lives, and the entertainment that can influence and perpetuate the culture within which we live, sources of clarity and Truth are few and far between. Through language, image and ideas, our intellect is bewitched and we are fooled. But perhaps also through language, image and ideas, we can rid ourselves of this bewitchment and seek to clear the windows of our perception. I seek to create content that can be used as a tool. Content that can be used to console in times of hardship, solidarity in times of righteous indignation, or perhaps simply to communicate with my audience and revel in the shared experience of being alive. 

But no matter what one writes or says or does, one must operate and survive within the current system that is in place. In order for the painters, sculptors, musicians, poets of the past to create and subsist, patronage was at times necessary. With the help of my patrons, I  create writings, photography, and moving images that can provide its audience with insight and a look into the beauty, the ugly, the lightning and the thunder that saturates the blood of humanity. 

It is only through an audience that any writing, film, painting or music takes life. For without another person, all forms of communication are in vain.  I am deeply thankful for any and all contributions that are made to give me the freedom to create.
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