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Ingredients cost money! :(
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  • If you love food as much as us and just want to help the cause, this is for you!
  • Your $2 donation will go towards our grocery bill for future food videos.
  • You'll get our deepest thanks and possibly even a surprise gift when the size of our following allows for such things. :)
Tell me what to make!
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  • For this tier, shoot me recipe request. 
  • I'll create a Delicious recipe and produce the video, giving you credit by name (personal or business) at the end. 
Give me a mystery basket!
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  • Similar to the show, "Chopped" on the Food Network, this tier lets YOU choose what is in my mystery basket. 
  • Your name and/or business (including logo, Facebook page, or other social media links) will be included in the video. 
  • You can pick up to 4 or 5 ingredients for this basket. 
  • Limited to appetizers or entrees, no desserts. 
  • My only request is that I'm able to find them at a local grocery store (Kroger, Western Family, Macey's, Sprouts, Costco, Whole Foods, Harmons, Trader Joes).




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About Delicious

Do you love food as much as we do? 
Do you love cooking food as much as we do?
Do you feel like you can't cook, so you just watch videos of other people doing it?
Do you want to learn new recipes or cooking techniques?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you're in the right place! Welcome to our Patreon page. Thanks for visiting. While Delicious is a relatively new YouTube channel, we already have over 1,000 subscribers and over 17,000 "likes" on our Facebook page. If one of those is you, THANK YOU! If not, go ahead and subscribe, then cruise on over to Facebook and give us a like. :) 

Delicious aims to produce 4 to 6 yummy recipes and videos per month. However, this is a part-time endeavor from its creator, Trent Denison, an entrepreneur from Provo, Utah, who spent 12 years in the restaurant industry, but now repairs electronics and makes YouTube videos. By supporting Delicious on Patreon, Trent can cut back on other business ventures and spend more time doing what he loves - cooking, then sharing that effort with you! 

Trent is a big fan of the Food Network and got this crazy idea from their show, Chopped. Here's where you come in. Head on over to the rewards (become a Patron) section to see how. :)

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