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Hello, lovely people
I am finally joining  patreon, so i can further explore my love of art and veganism. I wish to give solace and enjoyment to others through my growing passion  on issues like  body image and nutrition. I will share any advice I acquire on cruelty-free living, while i'm going through my nutritional studies journey.  I will greatly appreciate any support and will use it all towards delivering better quality vegan pins, stickers,shirts, and prints. I will be frequently sharing all my  vegan and raw vegan recipe ebooks and  product recommendations. I will also be sharing personal art projects and I am currently taking commisions for oc designs, head shots, and portraits. I will also be donating 10% of my proceeds to a different animal sanctuary every month.
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with this i can finally invest in a new scanner for hd designs and a printer for holographic stickers and pins
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