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About Ennie and Cana

Aye! We are so excited that you joined us here!

For almost two decades now, Cana and I have been ministering to folks near and far. We’ve worked for churches, mission companies, Dioceses, and Universities. We’ve missioned abroad and in our own backyard, on big stages and on intimate porches. We aren’t experts by any means, but we have learned some stuff about some stuff. And now we feel a call, a responsibility even, to share that stuff with even more people.

Patreon is a way for you, our most loyal friends and family to support us, as we aim to serve a broader audience with digital content, videos, blogs, seminars, trips and formation. Our hope is that you, our patrons, will be blessed, and that we would be able to generate enough income to provide for our family. In exchange for your generosity you will have access to some really cool content, and even get to help in the creation process.

Del Rey Collective is a formation in a “lived theology.” For years now, Christianity has become obsessed with what Christians believe, rather than how Christians live. We talk a lot about doctrines and little about practice, a lot about orthodoxy and little about orthopraxy. We find it odd that we can "worship" Jesus and at the same time not do what He says. We can believe in Jesus and not follow Him. In this moment in history when the Church has lost almost all of its credibility, we feel it’s time to unearth some of that good old ancient Christian hospitality, the type of living that we find in the Acts of the Apostles where Christians lived in a way that resembled the One they were following. Our desire is not to host large events that draw thousands of people (although not bad), but to empower thousands of people to become living witnesses in their own homes, neighborhoods, and in the ordinary of life.

We are believers, yes, and in no way are we suggesting that theory or theology are unimportant. But in Jesus, we don’t simply see a presentation of doctrines, but an invitation into a movement that demonstrates God’s goodness and love to the world. Cana and I want to be followers not just believers. We hope you join us!

We are brimming with excitement to get started. Thank you so much for your patronage!
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