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About deltadesign64

I am a professional Graphic Designer with more than 5 years of experience. Editing has always been my passion! I am very polite, positive, friendly and open-minded person. I am perfectionist, enthusiastic, dedicated and focused on my work. 
Now that I finished school I am starting a professional university for graphic designers to develop my skills more and more! The university is in another city so high taxes and cost of living will be a daily challenge for me from now on..
I crate this Patreon account to save some money and keep my education going. Working as a freelancer is not easy for now but no matter what I won;t give up and continue doing the things that I love!
I will upload edits of mine here and I am always ready to be your friend and graphic designer to help you edit everyday photos, materials for projects or everything you need!
My goal is to start my own business and make my small company where I would higherpeople like me.. gifted, hardworking editors who do not have the good financial capacity of getting professional education!
I would love you to become my patreons and follow my socials and encourage me in my journey!
You can check some of my edits on my instagram page: deltadesign64

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