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About Calum Lind (Cas)

Hi there, I am the lead developer of the Deluge BitTorrent application and I am looking for donations from the community so I can dedicate more time to the development.

I have spent many years on Deluge in collaboration with other talented developers, eventually taking over the reins of project leadership. I am really passionate about Python and improving the Deluge application but it takes a huge effort to sustain support and releases schedules. There is a lot to this project, from testing of features and bug fixes for the daemon, UIs and plugins, alongside the website, forums, user support, pull requests, updating documentation and releasing for Linux, Windows and MacOS.

With support from the community I can focus my energy towards Deluge. If you enjoy using Deluge as much as I do and would like the project kept alive and see more releases (including a 2.0!), having your monthly pledges would be very much appreciated!


Calum (a.k.a. Cas)

$140 of $150 per month
Dedicate a day a month on Deluge coding

This will enable to me to keep on top of packaging, bug fixes and user support.
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