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About Demon Dad

Shimmying into the slinky steps of Vampira, Elvira and Stella, the man-eater from Manayunk, 'DEMON DAD' (the web's premiere genderf#cking horror narrator) is the hideous brainchild that is equal parts Ariel L., an amateur horror fan, and Gussie Guro, an amateur monster queen.

• The live stream is a demon-stration of extreme drag techniques and bone-chilling stories from the web and beyond.
• Other variety content includes include 'let's plays' of horror-themed games, streams of fair-use horror movies and live story-driven tabletop rpg gaming.
• Occasional content may include interviews with streamers, artists musicians and so-called celebrities.

By supporting DEMON DAD financially, you are contributing to Ariel's capability to create more developed and polished looks for Gussie Guro, fees and rates for prestigious and up-and-coming authors, cash value for games as well as quality of life for the artist. Every penny is accounted for, and DEMON DAD pledges to hold accountable for all pledges!
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$10/mo will afford me the ability to tip out a prestigious or up-and-coming author from Reddit's nosleep for the rights to read one of their stories on-air!
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