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Just one dollar gets you access to my episodes a week before they air on Youtube, as well as credit as a producer in my video descriptions. 

  • sneak peeks of scenes(note some scenes are works in progress and may not be completed)
  • See episodes a week early before they're out on Youtube.
  • Your name in all the video descriptions thanking you as a patron.
Isle 2 - Energy Drink
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You will be able to download the original scripts I used for the episodes and all past episodes as well. Future scripts will be added with the episode is completed.
  • Producer credit 
  • Early Access to episodes and videos
  • Original Scripts 
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Access to all artwork and original animations used in Korra episodes as well as additional work and projects I have planned.
  • Producer credit
  • Early Access to episodes
  • behind the scenes images and artwork
  • original scripts for the series




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About Anthony (DemonGroceryStore)

Hello Internet, my name is Anthony AKA DemonGrocerystore and welcome to my wonderful Patreon page. Now lets go over who I am and what I do, to put it simply: I am an editor currently living in California.  I specialize in comedy, animation and over the years I have honed my skills by making parodies series.  I currently work on a Legend of Korra abridged series, I am the editor for DC Abridged Universe's Young Justice Abridged, I provide the animation for HawkAbridging's Saber and Sons series, and I have abridged the entire Code Geass Series (Don't believe me check out my youtube channel). And now I am the head animator for the pilot "Frontier 0" a project that I am very proud to have worked on.

That's Awesome, but why are you here?

I've made quite a few amazing videos over the years and am looking forward to even more awesome projects down the road.  However the main issue I've had is that I can't work on them as much as I'd like to because of financial issues. Like everyone else in the world I need to pay bills and eat food to...ya, and that costs money.  Most of my animation work takes time to create and all my abridged parody work can not be monetized. I would love to have a job working for an official animation company but for now I've had to make due with whatever jobs I can find right now which...well if you've seen the job market you know it's not an easy task.  

That does sound tough? How can we help?

The reason I'm starting this patreon is to help cover my basic living expenses and make it so I can spend more time creating parody works and animations. The more donations I receive, the less time I have to spend working at other jobs to pay for food and rent.  Which means faster content and higher quality work. Any and all donations are greatly appericiated and of course it is entirely your choice whether or not to become a patron. 

But what if I can't donate?
All of my videos will still be free to watch on Youtube and Vidme so you will still be able to see all the work I do. However by donating you will have access to rewards such behind the scenes updates, early access to episodes and producer credits depending on which tier you'd like to choose.

I am eternally grateful for any kind of support you choose to give, whether it's liking or sharing my videos or just telling people able my work. Nothing fills me with more joy than entertaining you all and look forward to making you laugh as much as I can

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Audio Upgrade

I would be able to purchase a new higher quality XLR microphone and  audio box, allowing me to record audio in professional studio quality. 
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