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I will deliver to you each month a package containing:

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About Denis Aurelian Mocanu

Hello earthlings, my name is Denis, I'm often called Denis the Menace, but worry not I am not a threat. I'm 22 and I freshly graduated from an amazing program called Illustration and Design (that's where I learned how to draw and stuff). My ultimate life/carrier goal is to breach into the industry of concept art and get a job in either a video game or movie company!

Let me show you what I do. I am an illustrator/concept artist and I love to create characters with interesting designs and features, beautiful illustrations telling a story, realistic looking fan art or simply robots. Fuck yeah I love drawing robots. Feel free to give a look to my Artstation and Instagram.

Why am I doing all of this? To be honest, as an artist I think we all deserve to make a living out of what we really love doing. So all I'm asking for is a bit of help from you people so I can persist to support my dream and continue on my journey to become a full time Concept artist!

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for hearing me out. I promise I will put time and effort to make this Patreon page the best I can as I will regularly keep improving it!
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