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Whether you don't have a lot to give or you're not sure if you want to bring this relationship to the next level, this is a great level for you. It may not seem like much, but it all adds up and we appreciate everything you have to offer.

 With this level you get: 

- A thank you in the snail mail

 - Personal invites to all of our events/productions 

Third Date Serious
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Wow. This is getting third date serious. Don't mind the awkwardness. We're just a little nervous, but in a good way. Like a super excited chihuahua: Shaky, a little overwhelmed, and like we've gotta pee...

With this level you get:

- A thank you in the snail mail

- 2 tickets per season to be used however you like

- Personal invites to all of our events/productions

On The List
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Wow! You're committed and we love it. With this level of support you're definitely on the short list for any productions or events.

With this level you get:

- A thank you in the snail mail

- Personal invites to all of our events/productions

- 2  tickets per season to be used however you like 

- A small care package for each ticket that includes things like: mints, cough drops, a small curated snack for the show, and discounts to nearby restaurants and bars 




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Theatre for now.

As Denver continues to grow, so do the possibilities for the theatre scene. Growth brings new ideas, styles, artists, and audiences. Instead of shying away from the change, Denver Theatre Collective is embracing it. We're thrilled to push boundaries and explore new territories, and we want you to join us on the adventure.

We're a collective.

We want audiences who are as involved and invested as we are, which is why we want to know what you're dying to see. Have you ever thought it would be amazing to see a horror version of A Midsummer Night's Dream? What about a modernized Greek tragedy? Or are you craving something fresh and new? We want to know, because one of the most important aspects of theatre is you. You're a part of the collective, and we want to hear your voice.

Why we need your help...

Creating theatre is more expensive that most people realize. There's the cost of producing and marketing shows, and paying the artists. There are a few sayings like, "starving artist" or "working for the love not the money" that get thrown around art related fields, but we believe in paying our artists. A theatre company isn't just art, it's also a business, and a huge part of that involves sponsors.

We're dedicated to a new formula.

While we love and appreciate our sponsors immensely, we don't want to count on them for everything. That's why we're dedicated to finding a new way to run the business side of things. We promise to be resourceful and innovative in both our business and onstage. We're excited about things to come, and hopefully you are too!

For more information and to find out other ways to support, go to
$0 of $450 per month
When we reach $450 a month we'll be able to produce one full production each year, in addition to smaller events! Now, I know it's a big step, but we promise we'll treat you right. We won't forget your birthday, we'll actually call you back, and we'd love to invite your parents. Plus we want your input on what our next show should be.
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