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About Deo Gloria Art


Glad to see you visiting our Deo Gloria Art's Patreon page.

Deo Gloria Art is a digital art ministry that started on Instagram from creating biblically based illustrations. It exists to inspire and encourage believers in their faith by using visual digital illustrations. These illustrations often come to fruition from my personal meditation of God's word, listening to a sermon, or from listening to a song that helps point to biblical truth. 

In order to create the best digital-paintings/illustrations I can, it takes a tremendous commitment of time (4-8 hours per illustration, sometimes more if it's a detailed illustration, all which are usually squeezed into my full time job and family schedule). I hope to provide my content for free in the years to come, but your support could help make that happen, as well as help me upgrade equipment to improve the quality of the art, and allow me to eventually sustain this as my full-time occupation.

It is Deo Gloria Art’s desire to share this work with the church worldwide, and your support will help me to do this in a way that also lets you have tangible work - in prints - to display or share with those you love. Check the Tiers to the right or below (if you're using your smart phone) as they are the options by which you can help support and sponsor our work, and choose the one that best suits you and join the Deo Gloria Art's Patreon Community!

Thank you so much for the warm support that allows Deo Gloria Art to be what it is now and Lord willing what it may become.

Dario & Madelyn
57% complete
My goal is to create an animation that tells the gospel message. Reaching this goal will help me dedicate more time into this. To begin putting more time into animating over still illustrations.
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