Derek Washington

is creating A More Beautiful World Through Sacred Relationships

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Hi.  I am Derek Washington (Tender-Song-Healing) and I am helping to creating a more beautiful world through a yearlong walkabout to discover and honor the sacred ways of indigenous peoples, to learn from intentional communities seeking ways to honor sacred relationships with each other and the earth.  I am composing music and writing my reflections on the way.  My goal is to infuse my world and story with what I learn, and to generously share it.

I believe a more beautiful world will come about through sacred relationship, with each other and the earth.  On my walkabout I will engage and explore the stories and lives of indigenous sisters and brothers, as well as people living in intentional communities seeking to live in honoring, sacred ways.  I will offer my gifts in sacred reciprocity for the honor of listening and learning.  I will explore ways of being community together in reverence and stewardship of the earth and each other.  In this kind of sacred relationship, I believe a beautiful trust is built, and sacred reciprocity flows - "today for me, tomorrow for you."

I will investigate intentional communities that are discovering new ways of living and organizing, structuring themselves in ways that tend away from the consumption of capitalism, and that foster stories of connection and contentment rather than separation and scarcity.

I am called to honor, bless, and offer healing to those I encounter on my journey to create a more beautiful world. I view the soul as the essence of who we are, and the heart as the means to engage our essence in the world. I am called to help foster and cultivate the relationship between the two. I see this as a sacred task. I want to share what I learn. I want to help lay the foundation for a more beautiful way of being in sacred harmony on our sacred Mother Earth.

I will share what I learn through composing my music, writing my reflections, and engaging the people I meet.  I long to be see a more beautiful world.  

You are invited to help me do this.  I have currently laid aside my three roles as a hospice counselor, unitarian minister, and addictions counselor in order to engage this walkabout.   I could use your help.  Any gift you offer is received in deep gratitude.

I have been awakening into an expanded spirituality and cosmology that is wooing me in this journey of becoming a co-creator of a new story that will help usher in a more beautiful world and way of being in it.  I have moved beyond my inherited spirituality that included eldership and priesthood, into a way of love and belonging that isn't based on belief or certain behaviors.

Helping Us Move From A Restrictive Story To A More Loving and Expansive One

Through my life story thus far, I have reflections on how I have moved from a restrictive faith story into a more generous and loving story.  I will graciously offer my reflections  and thoughts as to how I moved from a place of sacred hope and healing from a place of allowing spiritual abuse in and around me.  My deepest hope is to cultivate sacred relationships, and in so doing, help create a more beautiful world. You may reach out and engage me regarding these things at any time.
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