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per decent animation.
This is literally the most I'll ask from you guys, cause Imma keep making videos even if I don't make a thing from this. However, anyone who donates will have their name in the credits of my non-shit-post videos. no worries boo <3
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per decent animation.
Big spender, aye? That's cool, that's cool. If you decide to give this much, I'll have a private chat with you about a suggestion for a small video or a poster to make. As long as it's nothing too crazy, I'll squeeze it into my workload!
Pizza Money!
per decent animation.
At this point you're feeding me so you'll get exclusive previews of the next big things coming from my channel, including the next episodes of Vilified! That, plus the previous awards.




per decent animation.

About DeremixProductions

wuddup this is bold text

Hi. You all know me as Deremix. Or DeremixProductions. Or some lazy dude who makes "eh" animations. Basically, this guy:

I make animated films using Source Filmmaker. That's 'bout it. Thinking maybe some 2d flash animations but idk. We'll see.

Anyway, my real name is Derek. I'm a 23 year old, married, nerdy loser who aspires to make animation his full-time job. Instead of shitty customer service and retail jobs, since that's pretty much all that's around me where I live. Well, that and trees and... leaves.

So this is pretty much my only option if I wanna make a living out of this and not move away from every bit of my wife and I's family and friends. Cause I'm a big family baby, I guess. Anyway, I made this thingamajig to try and make a little bit of money from these videos I love making and maybe eventually make a career out of it.

Cause God knows I get jack-shit from ad revenue, especially with demonetization. More so now than ever, since YouTube disabled ad revenue for my channel because I didn't meet their "quota". Whatever money I get from this will be used to improve my set up and probably pay bills. So yeah, if I get even just a dollar for making shit I love to make, I'll probably cry tbh. It's muh dream, son.

luv u bbs,
$1 of $100 per decent animation.
I'll remove ads. Cause fuck 'em, that's why! Not only that, but I'll start a TUTORIAL SERIES! 
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