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I make music and videos that aim at raising the vibrational frequency within people.
     With my music, singer-songwriting, videos, musical plays and art I wish to contribute to a world more and more filled with peace, compassion and high energy vibes! Let me tell you my story and at the same time portray a movement happening around me that surges towards this very same goal, a planet where we have more and better contact with ourselves, each other, the animals and nature around us. Why? Because it is through this contact and reflection in nature that we can feel the love and meaning that motivates us to create and take care of ourselves and each other. I have always known, that this is my gift to the world, but it has taken quite some time for me to understand what helps me and what does me wrong... now, since a few years back I feel I have found that stable ground and life-style on which to stand, and which is something I love to share with my fans, to help them on in their journey.
      One of the most important things that happened to me was that I decided to get a charming little dog that got the name Flow. I really have become indulged in the phenomenon Flow and therefore dedicate me and my dog's dancing and singing, musical show, "The Flow Show" to it! We were partly earning a living with our show at private homes for kids parties one year, but now I feel it should be brought to a larger audience... and I would like my first musical-play for a larger audience to be about this universal life and love-force... 
My main areas of interest right now are nutrition for a healthier body and world, the dynamics of love, urban-gardening, attachement-parenting, community-based art and culture, permaculture, alternative urban and sub-urban living, solutions for homeless people, inspiration from dreams and street-art and fashion. I try to make a living out of my artistry by performing with it and living alternatively, but have so far found it hard to reach out to a broader audience. It has been necessary to combine with odd jobs and also with a small vegan and rawfood-business that I started about 3 years ago in the city's parks, mainly focused at spreading this food at reasonable prices and with me and my dog  performancing musically at the same time!

My story: At a young age I learned English, Spanish and Swedish and became multi-cultural. Due to my dad's job I came from my home-country, Colombia, to Sweden as a 5 year-old and grew up mainly in the city of Stockholm, but also in Panama, going to English-speaking schools and meeting kids from all over the world. After high-school I studied the theatrical art-form, musical, for a year and liked it very much, but finding this art-form quite shallow and unsatisfactory at the time, I started focusing more on my sing and song-writing, alternately working as a personal assistant. Since I was 12 years old I'd taught myself to play the guitar and singing is something that was very much encouraged in the school I went to, so much that it became a passion! After joining a young environmentalist movement with friends in my early 20s and also studying journalism, I dedicated almost a year to develop  my skills in project-making and more specifically to record my first album, "Radical Treehugger!" that came in 2009. That same year I had settled down with my boyfriend and we had our first child. He started an organization that became very successful in urban-gardening and I was happily writing songs about all of this. Something which I, one more child later, inspired by attachement-parenting, nutrition, my kids and what goes on in the world around us, have continued doing... Share a Dream, my second album was fully ready just last year, 2017. 

   The recording of my first album was facilitated by my work and involvement in an organization that promotes creative courses for children during their free-time, here in Fisksätra, the suburb where I live. Also I was very active in an organization whose goal was to build a community-centre, something which we, after a couple of years, also succeeded in doing! A role I happily found myself in was to activate people by initiating a local music and performing-arts festival and thus getting many new friends this way. Thanks to our work in getting the community-centre established, I have been able to record there, in a studio that was built with the goal of promoting local artists. It was easiest to get projects finalized at the start, when not so many local artists had found this potential gold-mine... but then the more people started to book themselves into the studio, the centre's lack of resources and an employee, the fine studio-technicians ill-health, has not made it so easy to release so much material this year. 
My inspiration has however never ceased, on the contrary, many new songs flow in through and out of me... and I am happy with my creative flow this year.  Right now my current goal is to create a home-studio to work on my music at a daily basis and to rely upon when embarking in on the second goal of mine, to record a third album!
Also a major goal is to filmatize many of my songs into fun and magical music-videos for fans to enjoy!

In my youtube-channel I post videos about my music, artistic adventures and culinary inspiration:
Learn more about my artistry and alternative living:  
Derlys life part 1
Radical Treehugger! , my latest music-video production
 "The Flow Show" Facebook-page

$0 of $300 per month
I will buy a nice microphone, sound-card, and external memory for my home-studio project, which is necessary to record my next album, an album dedicated to the dynamics of love and friendship.
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