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About Derpibooru

Derpibooru is an image booru (sharing/commenting/voting system) specifically aimed at fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The intent is to have a fan site that serves as a way to share and archive MLP related images in a way that's easily categorized, searchable and filterable.

The site acts as a meeting point between content creators spread across dozens of different sites and an active community with a keen interest in their artworks. Our goal is to support artists as best we can by keeping an as organized, accurate and complete gallery of their fanart as is possible, and to serve the fan community with a feature-heavy search and filtering system to help find and display exactly what one wants.

Hosting Derpibooru unfortunately costs money, from the server itself, bandwidth, backup services and several 3rd-party components used to keep the site running. This Patreon is for those that wish to help out and offload some of the costs from the admin team, keep the site afloat and running on its own without depending on the pockets of a few individuals, and perhaps even let us look into certain money-limited site improvements.

All proceeds go into the costs behind running Derpibooru month by month, with any extra gained in one month paying forward for future costs. The site is not operated with the intent to generate profit, and in the event of a higher patronage than we can see ourselves using for the site we will be donating the surplus to Cancer Research UK.
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$665 – reached! per month
Cost adjusted after dropping GitHub and moving backup server from discord to shmooze.

This now covers our base server (467e), backups server (78e), Cloudflare ($30), plus $25 to cover misc. minor expenses (domains and various VPSs).

Updated with currency exchange for 11 Aug 2019

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