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Hello one and all!

My name is Derp the Demigod or Derp for short i am here on Patreon to become better at what i am doing and i am not going to lie your pledge how ever small or big will help me buy better equipment like a Mic and a stand for it or acoustic panneling to make my vids sound better.

i hope that explains why i am here. How ever there is something that i want to do in return for you guys i will make as much vids as posible for you and try and get better every day.

Also i wanna answer a question that i ask myself too. What am i going to do with the money people pledge after i get the equipment: well the sky is the limit there is a lot of things we can do with the money from the pledges that are made for example i can have merch made or we can run a minecrfat server and the bigger the income the more or the better servers we can run

i hope that explains what i want to do with the help of you guys i also understand that you have your reasons not to pledge either and i say thats okay too i understand for those i'd like to ask please spread the word share this patron show and share my vids that is supporting me too! and again if you dont i can understand. Either way, i'd like to thank you for visiting my Patreon i hope to see you around on YouTube or Twitch or somewhere else

With many thanks,

Derp The Demigod
$0 of $50 per month
with this i can buy a mic and add some (mobile)panneling to the room i want to record in after this we should be able to look into a nice Minecraft server for us all to play on!
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