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When a girl born and raised in the poorest country in Europe leaves to pursue her education in the most expensive one... you know it's gonna be a rocky road.

Especially since she's a bit of a weirdo. 

And they said awkward humor, crazy lipsticks and eternal confidence would get me nowhere...


My entire life, I thought my parents' salaries of €300 per month were the norm.

Wearing the same pair of jeans until they were unusable and getting a €5 allowance per week. When they sent me abroad, they went broke.

It didn't help when I lost all our money in an apartment scam in Denmark.

Fast-forward 3.5 years... I now run a successful online business, I'm able to help my parents and I have a brand that brings me consistent income every month.

My journey, even though already filled with adventures, is just beginning... and I want to share every single piece with you.

I have an audience of 25 000+ people on social media... and thousands of people watching my live videos every single day.

See, I earn enough money in my business to live pretty comfortably... but I really, really like pushing that GO LIVE button and spending hours of my day talking to you.

About business. About you. About me. About my journey. About how you should never let anything stand in the way of your success. 

And I wanna keep doing this.

So, my goal is to cut back on my business clients and spend more time in front of the camera: because enough people have told me I've impacted them in ways nobody else has just because I decided to go live that day.

Just because I opened my Periscope app and hit GO LIVE.

Help me impact more people and become part of my journey: I promise you... it's gonna be a crazy ride.
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When we get to 500 per month I'll be able to spend 1 hour longer per day in front of the camera having a conversation with you.
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