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About Desert Dog Exploring

I've always loved the outdoors and exploring the wild lands of the American West.  At one point in the last year, I thought "There are lots of people who can't see these places; I want to bring them back for others to see and enjoy."  So was born Desert Dog Exploring. 

Originally I planned to focus on just the mines and ghost towns of Nevada and California, but I realized there are many other interesting and historical points of interest that people want to see.  So while the name has stuck, the mission has only expanded in scope.  Wherever I go, alone or with friends, I take a camera and try to bring back a very real experience, with minimal editing and a raw take on what's going on. 

I explore in the snow, in the heat, in the mountains and by the sea.  If something on Google Earth makes me go "Huh -- I wonder what that is?", odds are I'm going to track it down and pay a visit with my camera. 

To those who want to support this ongoing mission, I thank you.  You're allowing two things to happen - I can visit new, remote places and document what I see and hear, and I can bring that experience back to you, in the comfort of your own home. 
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