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About Designers Available

Designers Available is taking a break! Thank you for your love and support. 

Designers Available is a response to an urgent need to call our skills to action as a creative community. This project is intended to connect designers interested in contributing their skills in support of non-profits and community organizations actively facilitating social change through direct service, arts and culture, and grassroots politics and activism.

In 2019, Designers Available will move to a member-supported model that would allow for designers from underrepresented backgrounds working on projects with non-profits to get paid for their work at no cost to the organization. In addition to a regular offering of pro-bono projects open to the whole community, we will implement quarterly project cycles, accepting applications from both organizations and designers, in which we’ll facilitate 2-3 larger projects per cycle and offer a stipend to designers.

I aim to pay designers from underrepresented backgrounds to do design work to support issues that are close to them with non-profits and grassroots organizations. In addition to supporting non-profits and grassroots organization, a mission of this work is to uplift designers of color, those from low-income and working-class backgrounds, immigrants and those with precarious immigration statuses in the US, queer, trans and gender non-conforming designers, and disabled designers. I believe that those who are most affected by the social justice issues that organizations support are uniquely positioned to address these issues.

If every member of our community was able to contribute $1.84 every month, we’d meet our fundraising goal of $2400 and be able to support up to 12 projects in 2019. For designers with access and privilege, this is an opportunity to address issues of inequity and underrepresentation of designers from underrepresented backgrounds, as well as consider the who, how, and why of how social impact design projects are facilitated in an innovative way.

Designers Available was founded by Joelle Riffle, in November 2016 as a platform through which designers committed to dedicated their creative and strategic skills in support of organizations doing direct advocacy and activism work.  We’ve completed (at least) four major projects, which you can see on the website at Over the past nineteen months, my favorite part of this work has been building community and getting to know people invested in this work, and growing and learning and expanding the limitations of what this thing can be. As the founder and lead of Designers Available, I field requests for design support from organizations, match designers with organizations, oversee projects through completion, manage the community (that’s you all!), and generally organize the operations and resources for this whole thing. You can @ me anytime at @okayjoelle on twitter or instagram.

$82 of $200 per month
$200 will fund one (of up to 12) full project in 2019. We will be compensating a designer for a collaboration with a non-profit or grassroots organization. 
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