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INSTRUCTIONS: After supporting DPT at the $5 level, please send a message (not a comment) here on Patreon asking for the specific file(s) you are looking for. For instance, many people are looking for the Ender 3 upgrade files, but some are looking for the Tevo Little Monster files. I will get those files to you as soon as I am able. Sometimes I respond in under an hour. Sometimes (rarely) it takes a day a two. I'm only one guy doing all this. Please have patience.

I thank you for your support! I'm not trying to sell .stl files or firmware, I'm just trying to make this YouTube endeavor a success. By giving me $5 you help me make that happen, and you get something tangible in return.




Design Prototype Test is a project which began accidentally. I posted an unedited cellphone-shot video of a couple of 3D printers on my personal YouTube account, and a month later it had over 10k views! So, I jumped right in and started making real YouTube content. Of course, for each video, this takes hours and hours of work shooting, editing, and planning the actual content. That is a lot of hard work which I am pretty much just giving away for free. That is not sustainable. 

The thing is, I love contributing to the community. I love showing all of you the things I have learned, and am learning as I make each video. This was the drive that caused me to start the channel, but it requires money to continue making this happen. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being generous enough to fund this project.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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