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Even a dollar helps! This amount gets you a special rank in my Discord server, when I get it all set up, but it gives you all kinds of cool privileges and whatnot! And, you also get access to some wicked sneak peeks and behind the scenes goodies, along with an invite to my creative Twitch streams every Tuesday and Thursday. Because a dollar goes a long way with me. 
Includes Discord benefits
Rad Buddy
per creation
$5 seems like a lot? Good, because it's with this that I grant you cool privileges. 

Along with the sneak peeks, early access, and the Discord rank, you get an invite to a call I will host during my creative streams. Think of it as a better way to interact with me while I'm in my creative zone.

You gave me $5. That makes you pretty rad.

Cool Buddy
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Hey, $10! This warrants something cool as heck. 

So, here's what I'll do for you. 

You get all of those cool rewards, along with a handwritten thank you note and copies of printed sheets and tabs, signed by me! 

Not that you'd need  all of that, but it's really cool, right? 

Includes Discord benefits




per creation


Hey, there! 
My name's Desmond, and I make things on the Internet, and this is my official Patreon page!
This Patreon serves as a means of me being able to continue making content, whether it's the music I'm striving to get out there or the videos I enjoy making on the side. 
I would like to continue sharing everything in my head with the world around me, and this Patreon is your way of helping me to get my creations out there. 
Because, at the end of the day, I strive for growth because I want my lovely fans to know how significant they are to my growth. 
Thank you for finding this page, and considering a pledge to my wonderful craft. Your support is always appreciated, after all. 
$0 of $25 per creation
Because I have no idea how to do this or what to do yet, consider this a test goal. 
Just to get my feet wet. 
I'll probably put it towards new saxophone reeds or ukulele strings, anyways. 
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