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Scooby-Doo & the Gang
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You guys are an amazing group of detectives who unmask ghosts and explore haunted swamps.  
One dollar gets our eternal thank-you. And we'll give you a shout-out on the show!

The Jessica Jones-es
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 You're strong, snarky, and possibly alcoholics. You are also an annoyingly good looking bunch (like Krysten-Ritter-Level-Beautiful).
Five dollars per month gets you a shout-out, Detective Society stickers, official DS membership cards, and bonus audio content. Like the stuff too raw and random for the episodes, side-stories, and Natalie reading fan-written horror fiction.
The Sherlocks & Watsons
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You are the original OG detectives. Don't worry we'll ignore the sexual tension.
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About Detective Society

Hello fellow detectives! And thanks for visiting out Patreon page. We know it takes time out of your day, and want to let you each know how crazy awesome you are for checking us out (even if you don't donate).

Detective Society is a True Crime Podcast, written, produced, and hosted by (me) Natalie Levy. This show started as a reaction to the podcasts I enjoyed. I loved the conversational nature of a lot of popular, female lead podcasts, but was thirsting for something that was well-researched and substantial. I put hours of work into just the research for each episode, add to that the time it takes to record, edit, and socialize every episode, plus the design of all the visuals attached to each episode (which I produce myself) and I end up putting about 12 to 15 hours of work into Detective Society every week! I also work 40+ hours a week at my day job as a Design Strategist. 

So what does your support mean to this podcast? 
It means I can hire a research assistant!
It means I can upgrade our equipment!
It means I can rent out studio space!
It means I can spend less time stressing and more time producing content, designing rewards, and interacting with all of you (which is the best part of making this show)!
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When we reach $5 per month, we will high-five each other and take a good hard look at our lives.
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