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Who is this? 
Hey there, nice to meet'ya! o/
Name's Dante Lucas (you can call me Dan or Luke or both :P), and I'm a trans make who's been into cosplay business for a bit more than 10 years. Doing a lot of crossplays because it's what makes me endure better my current body (I haven't been through any surgeries yet) and well, I have been pu$hed away from it lately. But never stopped having plans and dreams! Not giving up! ☆ 
I'm in college majoring in acting and I live with some great people who work with youtube and stuff, so even more than just cosplay pictures, I plan to record videos and gameplays wearing cosplay. There's just so many ideas on my mind! 

What am I offering?
Well, I'm offering cosplay, of course! Tons of pics and videos! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Super HD pics from photoshoots:

(Gunslinger from Ragnarok)

High Quality con and studio pics:

(Unknown from Mystic Messenger || Mysterious Girl from Steven Universe)

Other nice convention shots ~

(Chara from Undertale || King from Nanatsu no Taizai)

Toooons of fun cosplay clicks! 

(Rem from Re:Zero || King from Nanatsu no Taizai )

And loooooooots of cosplay selfies! ♥

(Rem || Papyrus || Unknown/Saeran || Mysterious Girl) 

I also draw and paint, so I'll be dropping some of those once in a while... On the supporting plan is also some cosplay tutorials and polls in wich patrons can vote! Please check the rewards tiers! 

Why support me? 
I am very passionate with cosplay and it really is something that gives me a lot of courage to move on. I love this feeling of making fan-to-fan stuff, and I get happy when people get happy with those. ♥ 
I have a little sister (she's almost 2 years old) that's the cutest thing ever, but my mom and stepfather are having a hard time with money, and so am I. I currently live in a shared house with friends, have some non-regular jobs that give me money now and then but... It's barely enough to survive and pay for college. ç_ç'
As I said, I'm majoring in acting. My dream is to become a voice-actor, maybe even a director, and I'm working hard to achieve it! College takes a lot of my daily time and I've been having a real hard time getting a job because of that. So I'm trying to work with cosplay! What I've been doing recently is dying wigs, and I'll post progress and tutorial pics/vids for my patreons soon! Keep your eyes open for news! 

I saw this in a friend's page and I feel like it's important to say it here too: 

Side notes: Yes, I am a bit chubby and no, I'm not "completely happy" with my body. Yet. I've been working out. 
I also have a lot of tattoo's (14 to be exact) and the outcomes will be up to patrons. I can just post the pics with the tattoos, I can edit them or if I get enough income I can buy a tattoo covering makeup. Who knows? 
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With $50/month its guaranteed I'll have a new cosplay every month
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