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Want to see all of the gems I'm just too lazy to post? Or are you just curious about the things I have overheard, but have yet to assign to a certain character/house? Welcome to the "vade mecum" tier! Named after the untranslatable word for a favorite book that is carried everywhere, this tier means you get to see all of my posts ahead of time and the ones stuck in my drafts, because I don't want to write all the tags. 

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All of the above, but you also get access to the things I write during writing sprints or other short works that I may write while bored. Kairos is named after "the perfect, delicate, opportune moment" and, well, let's just say my notebooks aren't filled because I'm taking notes in class, oops. You can also send me prompts/requests that I'll scroll through to use as inspo and will obviously get credit if I decide to publish/post it.

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All of the above, and sneak peeks of my writing projects! This includes excerpts, concept art, and graphic design stuff (picspams, collages, moodboards, etc). I will host sessions if you want to watch me work on coding threads and graphic design. We can also brainstorm together if you have your own works in progress!




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About Liz Devan

Hey, I'm Liz! I'm currently in college, majoring in Being the Family Disappointment (read: Creative Writing). I've wanted to be a freelance writer since I was in second grade, so here I am: a broke college student with medical bills to pay. I have an internship in graphic designing this summer, but since I love doing other creative stuff, I figured why not? I have several "art" hobbies and this would give me a good excuse to do them all, haha.

I currently have a few writing projects going on, and since excerpts, concept art, etc is being offered in one of the higher tiers, here is more information:
The Illusion of Stars - With multiple timelines and character pov's, this story tells of the love between Icarus and Apollo, through reincarnations and dreams that maybe do come true. Eventually. Sometimes it takes a few godly interventions and punching Zeus.
Midnight Madness - Ella thought that starting college would mean a fresh start, a way to escape the mental illnesses that have haunted her for years. But then, a different kind of haunting begins... One that seems to actually be helping her. Except when it comes to the seven deadly sins, can things really be so good?
All These Things We've Done - After wars come the reconstruction. Somehow, we are expected to heal, rebuild, and integrate those who may not have been on the socially accepted side back into the general masses. But how can we do so, when we can't even look them in the eye without wondering if they might've been the one who killed a son, a mother, a lover? Still, a tentative program being tested to "help out" the children of the Death Eaters with "life on the light side," a (reluctant) Draco as a guinea pig, and a (more reluctant) Hermione on board may pave the way to healing all the scars left behind. 
Songs Without Words - This collection of poems began with a class I took on Beginner's Translations. Basically, I write these poems by going through multiple already translated poems and creating my own version, sometimes taking extreme creative liberties like an "abecedarian translation using only text from the original poem" (totally not based off of experience, psh).

If there's anything you're interested in that isn't being offered in one of these tiers, message me! I'm happy to do commissioned requests. Or if there's a single thing you want that is being offered in a tier too expensive, that's okay too. Basically, there's never any harm in asking. I have anxiety too, so don't worry, I won't be mean.
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If I hit $250, I'll publish a scene of a webcomic I am working on! (Not part of any tier)
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