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for 1 dollar you get my sincerest heart felt appreciation
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With a 10 dollar pledge I'll list your name in the description box of  a video or include a special thank you message in the credits.
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I'm not going to ask my viewers to part with their hard earned money so I can continue to make videos. I'm not going to say that what I do online is worthy to the point that my videos are having some dramatic impact and that I need support to continue doing it.

All I can really say is if you think my content is worthy, and you enjoy watching it a little support would be appreciated. Honesty is something I value and this is no different. I won't give you bullshit reasons to help me out nor will I pressure you to do it. All I can do is hope you enjoy my content.
Something to keep in mind when you're considering pledging to me is you're not just supporting the Devchelle2 channel, but also the Madness, Mayhem, and Charity event and YT channel as well as my back up channel and The Breakfast Club channel. Thats 4 channels under 1 patreon.
$5 of $200 per month
Seriously , my mic is horrible and I've been using a broken flipcam for over a year. Its about to see its last day. If I don't replace it soon I'm finished making videos.
This goal is is for my month total, not per work.
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