Andrew Hoffman

is creating Full-Stack Programming Tutorials for Entrepreneurs
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About Andrew Hoffman

Hi, I'm Andrew Hoffman.

You probably don't know me by name, but you may recognize DevFactor. For almost three years now, I've been building DevFactor as a well organized, high quality and easily accessible programming education for anyone who is interested in learning.

At DevFactor (.net), we hosted over 100 free text/graphics tutorials on programming and electronics. Over the course of 2014, these tutorials saw more than 2 million readers. With the motivation that this project was really helping people, based on tons of feedback from emails and comments - DevFactor is being moved over to YouTube and our tutorials are being converted to video!

But here's the thing, DevFactor takes about 10-20 hours per week to manage. And honestly, I'd love to pitch in more if possible. But it also requires money (hosting the site, audio equipment, video editing software). So far, I've picked up all of these costs myself with a tiny amount mitigated by advertising.

To date the project's expenses are:

1. DevFactor .io and .net domains: $50 / yr
2. Dedicated host for DevFactor web app: $500 / yr
3. Adobe CC membership (editing): $550 / yr
4. Studio quality recording mic and equipment: $300
5. Screen capture software (camstudio): $199
6. 15 hours per week: $50,000 (potentially earned freelancing instead)

-> DevFactor's mission is to provide full-stack coding education combined with a bit of business so that you can launch your own software company - no other channel has this amount of depth in their tutorials.

Just $5/mo from 10 people would be enough to pick up some new editing software in less than half a year. $5/mo from 50 people would be enough to get some great recording equipment, and it just gets better and better from that point on!

So if DevFactor helped you learn to code, consider pitching in $5+. Its the price of a coffee or two, and will help DevFactor help you and tons of other people!
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This pledge tier will allow me to get a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, which will provide me with video and photo editing tools so I can improve the quality of all of my videos!
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