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Hello, Welcome To My Patreon Page! I'm glad you've made it too my page and I'd love to talk to you a little about what this is. So let go ahead and get right into what this all is about!

My name is Devin Street and I'm an author, content creator, and high school student.

I am the creator of the YouTube channel, Devin Street. This channel focuses on helping you to build your online presence through YouTube. Over the past 7 years I've created many YouTube channels. Some were very success and others were not, but over that time I learned exactly what works and what doesn't work when growing a YouTube channel. I eventually dropped all my channels, deleting them, leaving the deserted, or giving them to someone else, just so that I could create a single channel dedicated to helping others grow on YouTube, which can be a tricky channel to grow when you pretty much threw all your proof in the garbage.

While it was difficult to grow the channel at the beginning, the channel eventually found its footing and began to slowly grow. I started to invest my own money into the channel, buying microphones, cameras, and eventually upgrading my phone to where I dropped the camera because of its poor quality. I am planning, recording, and editing all my videos on my phone. It has definitely been a struggle and I've currently maxed out how good the quality of my content can possibly be on a smart phone and I'm ready to take it to the next level. That's where you can help me.

This Patreon is a place where not only am I able to grow my channel but I return the favor by helping you grow yours too. This is mine and your community where you can monetarily support me, while I support you in every aspect to help your message be heard and help you build your online presence.

Every single penny donated to me from this Patreon goes directly back into the channel! I will never spend any of my Patreon money on entertainment, food, luxuries, etc. One of the main things the money is spent on is for getting a laptop, I still don't own, so I can make better quality videos and thumbnails by having access to Adobe Premier Pro and Photoshop. Other purchase that are made through Patreon donations are equipment upgrades of microphones, lighting, cameras, and background set up, along with promotion for the channel, special giveaways, exclusive products and services you receive as a Patreon member, and my travel to conference like VidCon or VidSummit where I am able to create more content for you with some of the best YouTube experts on the planet. 

THANK YOU for helping to contribute to something special and building the foundation of something great for you and creators like yourself.
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When I reach $100 per month, I will pledge to do a THIRD guaranteed video each week, with the schedule expanding to three guranteed YouTube Tutorial videos per week.
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