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Hey whats up and thank you for checking out my patreon! I am a web developer and am currently excited to create a broad array of content. I am working towards making a living out of this and be more dedicated to it full time. The content I want to put out is currently limited to my web site (www.devoutcraziness.com), additionally alongside my brother we are going to be creating metal, leather, wood etc. laser cutting art for sale.

So what kind of things am I creating? all things to do with death metal, and metal music in general, movies, art, philosophy, gaming etc. A broad arrange of things, and I feel like if you check out my website you will get a better idea of what I am all about. As far as Laser Cutting, I'll leave that to the vision of my brother. But I also want to reach out to bands, and maybe produce art for them through means of Laser Cutting.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this and check out my page. Whether you contribute or not, just getting this exposure helps me out a lot!.
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when/if I reach this goal, I will start a podcast and start making youtube videos. I will epitomize the web site and all other facets and focus full time on this venture.
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