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Hi, I'm DewDropStar. I'm in the process of writing a webcomic called MAGIA, writing stories and worldbuilding for my fantasy world of Ardos and many other projects besides.

I also do some art, both traditional and digital, original and fanart.
With your support I'll be able to produce content for you and work on developing my fantasy worlds for the enjoyment of others as well as myself.

MAGIA is a magical girl webcomic centered around a young boy called Ryou Etsuko who becomes the hero INDIGO IOLITE by accident and must join a team to save the world.

Ardos is a fantasy world with many, many twists. Its a big sandbox really. There are many species you know but even more you don't. 

ORIGIA is a magical girl story with a twist - Earth needs to be saved, but its already been destroyed once before!
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