Dewitri Virika

is creating Digital Illustration of RED LINE Stories

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Hello! ^^-

My name is Dewitri, I'm living in Indonesia, I'm sorry for my bad English, I hope I can communicate well. I have some samples of my artwork and sketch animation. 

this is sample when i'm doodling an animation

visit my gallery at IG to know more

About this Red Line Stories, is original art. about the lives of selected children who were assigned to raise the flag of independence for every country that had been divided into small countries in colonial lands. In the post-apocalypse world which has begun to rise again.
In their work, these school children meet the chosen warriors in their adventures and meet their soulmates, but their relationship is prohibited. It causes problems. 

For now, I will create an illustration with a little dialogue as the story. I hope in the future I can create a page comic.
Support me:
If you like my works, you can support me here and get rewards monthly especially my thank you present for every supporter. With support from you, I will be more eager to make the work better and hopefully greater. 

feel free to ask me some tips, i try my best to help.


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a super special art from me with some tips
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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