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About Dezi Barr

I am dedicated to creating change through the media forum. Whether I'm producing a podcast or directing / producing a narrative or documentary film, I do everything with purpose and conviction.

Here's a list of my current projects:
  • Sex Crimes: The Injustice - Episodic Docu-Series (in production)
  • Bitch, Please - Podcast (in production)
  • Roger - Documentary (in pre-production)
  • Sanctus - Feature (in development)
  • The Pretenders - Feature (in development)
  • Glimmers - Feature (in development)
  • Mazzy Was Here - Feature (in development)
  • Walkaway - Series (in pre-production)
  • Married To An Asphole - Web Series (2018-present)
  • VAL - Short (completed)
  • Cooking with Tom - Cooking Show Pilot (in review)
We (my husband, Chris and I) just opened a multi-functional creative studio for our community to have access to resources they may not otherwise be able to afford. On top of Creative Guild Studio, we started a non-profit to run youth and those less equipped, through what we call an incubator program. The non-profit is called Creative Guild Learning. This takes a student through each of our classes and workshops as they learn what their passion is and develop that skill set. After they finished the course, we give them what they will need in terms of monetary and other resources take a project from script to screen.

VAL is my first directorial film and is nearly finished with the festival run.

Thank you for your support in my efforts to empower and encourage those around us to be and do better! I wouldn't be able to do what I do at this point in my life and career, without pledgers like yourself.

As I get going, I will provide a synopsis for each project that I'm working on and the status updates!