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Support the power of female writing with me.  In this tier, you will get between 4 and 5 original chapters of content each month for the book that I am currently publishing.  More importantly, you will show support for this overworked attorney and her dreams.
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You will get the above benefits included and an additional item each month ranging from deleted scenes to an invitation for you to ask me anything and of course see other's questions and answers.  Plus, when the novel in question ends, you can select which chapter was your favorite and I will mail you a signed copy of that chapter.  Please note you must pledge for an entire month and only chapters produced during the months you were a patron at this level will be eligible for the signature.




The Back Story

Three years ago I was a stressed out attorney and started writing in order to have a creative outlet to release my anxiety.  From that, stories started, then a novel, then several novels all adding up to more than just an outlet.  Previously, I posted on a free website that had great feedback and reviews.  Now, being faced with the fact that writing takes up more of my time than I ever imagined, well it's time to ask you all to help me make it a successful career and to help steal me away from my otherwise anxiety producing job.  Come with me on journey after journey into this fascinating world of imagination.

About the Work

All of my works star women.  They are all strong in their own ways, some more so than others.  Many of them are bisexual and many are attorneys - you can guess where those inspirations come from - wink, wink.  Overall, these stories explore real issues, some of them my own and others just issues with which I can sympathize.  Additionally, all of my works contain content which is adult, erotic, and not safe for work.  Hopefully, these stories are meaningful to you too.

For each new novel, I will publish part of the first chapter for public preview.  So, you can decide if you love it and need more or hate it and want to wait for the next volume.

Having said all of this, I am open to any suggestions, comments, and constructive criticism.  I am not open to hate speech, blatantly nasty comments hoping for a backlash, or purely negative feedback for the sake of disparagement.  All of the nastiness will be removed immediately.

Please do give me feedback on potential editors, creative artists for drawings or cover art, or suggestions for how to make the page better for you and me.  Let's build something together that works for everyone.

Also, I will on occasion share my random thoughts/updates, and these will all be public.  Please do not respond or comment on any public items with adult only content so we can all keep using Patreon freely.
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If 200 people will read my work each month, then I must be doing something right.  This will encourage me to not only keep supporting you guys by producing great material, but also to set even higher goals.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 81 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 81 exclusive posts

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