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COFFEE. You know. I don't have to tell you. I will if you want but I'd rather send you my personal thanks.

To show my appreciation I will email you a digital copy of any one of the photos posted on Patreon for you to print for your own personal use. Hang it on your wall, bottom of the bird cage... your choice. Continued gratitude sent your way because without you, I'm just some crazy lady working in her pajamas with no coffee and that isn't safe for anyone. 

I'm editing all of the other tiers, so I don't think it's fair to ask for more right now. I'm certainly open to suggestions and requests! I'd love the challenge. 



Pretty sure I'm driving myself crazy trying to avoid working 9-5.

I'm pushing 50 and finally studying to be an Herbalist. Everything I do outside of that is geared towards finding a space to build a Permaculture based farm, suited to growing food and medicinal herbs (no, not that medicine - there are enough qualified people doing that). The less I can work on things that take my focus from that, the better. So, here I am on Patreon, looking for an alternative to the norm. 

I've waitressed in a dive bar, managed a restaurant, printed on old school presses, went to school for web design, designed and made who knows how many signs and very few websites... Holy crap, it's time for a change.

All I really want to do now is spend time in Nature and take pictures of it to capture moments of it's unreal complexity and grace. But I also need to eat. So there's that. 

So how can Patreon / Patrons help?
The Patreon platform is one way for me to continue studying, being creative and make a bit of a living without the restrictions and constraints of working in an office. Patrons subscribe to whatever tier they are interested in, they get an insider's view of whatever I'm working on as well as some kind of fantastic reward to say thanks for the love.

Some days it'll be a drawing, others I'm out in the garden taking pictures of bees, or inside winging it with a new recipe for soap, painting a thing or maybe just posting a list of things I learned that day. Really it depends on the day and it changes regularly throughout so... 

What never changes is that I love to facilitate and encourage the creativity I crave so hard in everyone I meet so I'm working on some pretty cool rewards that will include a craft box subscription and a patron supported website & video channel dedicated to DIY Craft tutorials (including epic fails), frugal ideas for the seasonally challenged and more.

That's about it... I suddenly have a huge list of stuff to do, so...maybe go have a coffee or three and come see what I'm up to tomorrow.
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But Coffee IS a Basic Need!

I spend about $30 a month on coffee. It tops my list of basic needs, before shoes. Seriously. 
I feel your understanding.
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