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U r someone who listens to music and scrolls through art daily and recognizes that candid art needs to stay ALIVE or we're all going to be brainwashed soon when artists either die out or sign away into corporate funding... Did u know Amazon's CEO is trying to start up schools by 2020?

This is ideally the least a listener can do for a marginalized or independent artist you follow and are fueled from! This contribution will encourage me to stay making art and if enough people hop on, I can afford to put my music up on streaming services and reach other folks to spread the music/word!

+ If you simply learned something from reading through this Patreon as an artist or art lover, please join and with your encouragement, I will have the endurance to spill all this tea 4 u! Every dollar counts, y'all bc Diaspoura is dying. </3

A Real 1
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U r a real 1 who is supporting the personal resilience of a queer brown Southern artist, sustaining unapologetic daily survival (food)  in a dangerously conservative state.

This amount feels like a mutually beneficial relationship between an independent artist and a listener, so in turn, I will send you a small monthly update of DIY magic, inspirations, or seasonal guidance. (which i hope drives you more than the cup of coffee it affords) 

I may leave questions if I'm working on something wondering about your input, which you are welcome to share thoughts and feelings on to if you'd like!

Please consider funding up to $20 if you can. This rate was set with accessibility in mind :~) Every dollar will be thoughtfully used and appreciated!

Punk AF
per month
U r planting seeds for Diaspoura - helping me grow in my work by affording better equipment or studio time or paying other brilliant queer trans folks, people of color, femmes, etc to strategize with me.

This amount is knocking walls down and building alternatives for marginalized artist to make honest work independently AKA without ties to corporations and major labels that may influence their work. That is punk.

Because this is more like an investment, I will send you a monthly report which may include creative wisdom, inspiration... but ALSO it will include some of the actual content you're enabling me to work on: maybe a demo, behind the scenes work, or a vlog or journal entry about where I'm at!! How exciting.

I may leave you questions which you are more than welcome to respond to! <3

If you have a healthy salary or access to generational wealth, please consider funding at your ability - this rate was set with with accessibility in mind. :~)




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About Diaspoura




In a new age of streaming*, artists are being fed lots of exposure instead of $, and even though my work as Diaspoura has seemed like it's gone extremely well through hard work, I've actually spent more than I've earned to put it all on, and it may have to end by 2019 if I don't have some sustainable support. Having traveled around the country (performing sometimes to make ends meet) I notice other DIY artists going on hiatus, spiraling on lack of stability, burning out on tour, or being forced to support their art by using it to advertise for brands.

Here are things I've done as an artist with no corporate or label ties - and can continue building on if I am funded in a sustainable way this coming year:
  • I came up with the idea to print my first Diaspoura shirts onto second-hand finds I thrifted around the South in order to resist fast fashion buying and divert clothes from ending up in landfill (and also supply vintage gold to my followers). This model is time-consuming, but I still keep the price low and sliding scale online for accessibility. Prices at the thrift store are going up, however, so it seems like even this loophole won't pad my music for much longer, nor really should shirts pay for music.
  • I choose to book and collaborate with artists that I align with politically and emotionally, who are making great work, despite their following. For my last two tours, I spent a lot of time researching and connecting with underground scenes on the North East. I hope to continue uplifting new and important art to build support for marginalized artists and bring it back to my followers.
  • I make art involving politics, and I love having conversation with my listeners directly. I spend time sending thoughtful responses and connecting on personal level with my followers as much as I can. This obviously doesn't earn me anything, but I'd like to keep taking the time to interact with my listeners directly and sharing their urgent calls to action the wider my base is, but will take more capacity.
  • I take outward stances against issues such as racism and misogyny, and feel a calling to be specific and put my words in practice by naming specific people, companies, and systems involved. This is a repellant to a mainstream label or brand, but I do not believe I can make my art personally without this kind of freedom of expression.

How does an artist like me, one that is not working to be commercial or sell goods, simply survive when music is now virtually free?

I am trying this Patreon out as way to challenge the industry that is forcing me to sell products instead of exchanging art and ideas directly with artists** and listeners. Otherwise, it is traumaporn, and I'm done with that mess. You can listen to all that on diaspoura.com .

If you would like to help me continue Diaspoura, PLS both fund and share this dreamy grassroots creative initiative!! Help me work against the algorithms that are currently hiding content creators that are starting conversation around these topics, or may Diaspoura rest in peace in 2019.

* = "I pay for a subscription to Spotify/Apple Music/Youtube Red/etc. Doesn't that pay artists?"
It unfortunately does not pay 95% of us any kind of wage - for most of us it can barely afford a meal in a month.

If I was making music in the 90s, I could sell 50 CDs and make $500 dollars easy. Nowadays, I could have listeners around the world and have 5 platforms of thousands of streams each without seeing any money. I have to pay a distribution company and could really only make just that money back if I got into the mainstream shooting for viral songs. So I could work on songs everyday no guarantee that I would ever get paid, especially if I make music outside mainstream genres.

This makes it even harder for artists to feel empowered to take risks in their art, because of the fear that it is too far outside the norm. It is yucky and uninspiring.

Do not get me wrong - I stream music too! It's becoming impossible to avoid and has a lot of perks. I would also love for my music to reach more people. Essentially, if this Patreon works out, I can make my music available to stream for the ease and access of everyone, while also earning enough not to have to resort to mass merchandizing or corporate sponsorship out of survival.

** = "As an artist, I feel moved by this model. I want this justice and freedom for my art!"
I am so glad to hear that!! Please do seek alternatives with me, and maybe offer some solidarity by joining onto my Patreon. I would love to use this platform for building shared resources, organizing, and strategizing for honest independent artist futures. Once you subscribe for even just a dollar a month, please send me a message letting me know that you would like to be on an artist list-serve, and I will email notify to you as well about fellow artist-related content. I will also post a list of artists that are subscribed, so that others can find you here too. Bless up!

$337 of $500 per month
I will be able to afford to somewhat manage Diaspoura with no other random jobs, full-time as a party of 1. Almost at the goal, y'all!! Please share to help me reach this first goal <3
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