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About Diavenra Nesus

Hey! I'm Diavenra, nice to meet you. I come from a small town in Germany and have been writing for several years. I've done this on tumblr mostly in the fandom of Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist but I'm open to many more. 

My wish, and reason for creating a patreon, is that for one I want to move out of my abusive household and second because I want to grow as a writer, since publishing my original content is still my greatest passion and dream. 

I'd be honored if I hear from your soon. 
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Launching GUARDIANS-series. This is a story of mystery, action and supernatural where nothing is the way it seems. 

Your main characters that have been chosen for the bigger cause? Check!
They do this willingly? Absolutely not.
A magical source grants them bigger powers? Check!

It turns them into heros? More like monsters fighting worse monsters...

They give their lives for others? Check!

And are celebrated by the public? Nope, they're hated.
As you can see it's not your typical story but one with many plot twists and proving that no matter how bad the hand is you're dealt, it can a) always get worse and b) giving up is not an option.
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