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Back in 2010 I was diagnosed with a rare incurable and very debilitating bone disease, although I was only diagnosed in 2010 by the specialists they think I'd been suffering from it for a number of years beforehand due to how advanced it had become. The reason it wasn't diagnosed sooner was because I thought it was old injuries coming back to haunt me from a big motorcycle smash I was involved in back in the 1980's, it was during my recovery from that accident that I was told that I could suffer later in life due to the extent of my injuries, I put the pain in my joints and bones down to those old injuries and this in turn allowed the disease in my bones to advance and cause lots of damage before I finally relented and sought out medical help. I've endured 3 rounds of chemotherapy based treatments since 2010 which have taken a massive toll on my mind and body, I have lost around a quarter of my pre 2010 body mass, it's been a hell of a struggle to regain the original massive amount of weight I lost during the very first round of treatments. Last year I took a trip to Israel and within a few days i noticed iI didn't need my pain control medications and the swelling in my hands and joints started to appear that the disease was going into a remission like state, on returning to the UK I was back on full medications again. This year i decided to go to Malta as I always do feel better in very hot weather, the winters kill me, once again the swelling in my joints went down and the pain simply melted away once again - only this time I documented it on film for my doctor and bone specialist to see - once back in the UK the pain and swelling started to return once more. So here are my life options, remain in the UK and live a life of constant pain and being dosed up to the eyeballs on the strongest types of pain medications, or move to a hotter and more stable weather climate, I've now opted for the latter. My plan is to emigrate to Malta but to do that I need to move there ASAP and preferably before this autumn and winter start to set in, I do have plans for buying a small plot on the island and starting a small business in mid-ish 2019 when an investment I have comes to maturity and I can cash it in - but until then I need to survive on what's left of my savings as I've flatly refused State benefits as I refuse to allow them to control my life and movements, I wont be in their pocket. Any person with a youtube channel that donates to me via this page or my paypal, you'll automatically get a feature on one of my videos and links to your channel/s social media pages in the video description, I won't take something for nothing, otherwise I have an on-line t-shirt shop too. Many thanks for taking the time to read this and if you've made/make a contribution then please contact me via my youtube channel DISCUSSION tab with your channel and social media links.
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I don't set monetary goals but i'm forced to add a dollar to edit this section and save, this is about helping me fund my travels to create new content for the people that watch my videos and want to keep my channel adverts free.
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