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I am very familiar with a life in which donations are a luxury. Yet Old Yarn would say that hope exists in the small moments between, the gestures too easily forgotten. Every single dollar is another step in a long journey that would not be possible without all of you.
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My name is Nate Church. A few years ago, I had a minor stroke that complicated my life a whole lot. I've nearly died half a dozen times, and I deal with pretty severe disability on a daily basis.

But that's not my story. It's just a prologue.

After years of quiet obsession, I have designed the dark world of Vakasiya. (I talk a lot about how it changed my life here.) Currently, I have set an ongoing long-term campaign within its darkest period; "The Walk of the Child." Dice Imitate Life: Epheldan's Hands is the story of this nightmarish event's sole survivors, and the way they shine the light of hope in a world gone dark.

It is a grim campaign, often bleak and oppressive. Imagine Game of Thrones by way of The Walking Dead, and you're not far off. But the theme of the campaign is hope, and a group of people who find it by locking arms to walk through the darkness together.

Vakasiya is a world that needs true heroes just as badly as the real one does. Along with a group of my very best friends, I hope to continue telling stories within it. Such tales will be soaked in blood, sweat and tears. There will be desperate odds, overcome by sacrifice and courage in the face of the world's horrors.

I am humbly requesting your support in this endeavor. My dream is to expand the work of Dice Imitate Life into multiple regular simultaneous campaigns, and to create a full setting guide for Vakasiya so that other people can weave their own stories therein.

This is a project somehow both vast and intimate, and one I never would have believed could be anything more than a daydream. If not for the relentless support of those around me, it would still be just that. Your support could be the difference between a hobby and something to which I can devote all of my passion.

Thank you.

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