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Tabletop role-playing games are among the most social types of entertainment available. You get to sit with friends, have snacks and drinks, and dream up and play unforgettable adventures... Whether saving a medieval town, rescuing a robot with important information, or trying to eke out a life in a post-apocalyptic world, RPGs take you there and make you live an alternate life, and no other game equals this experience.

I started off as a YouTuber making videos related to tabletop RPGs, giving advice, ideas, product reviews, and how-tos. Nowadays, I do that, but also have entered the world of RPG game design with two entries: Perilous Ventures, and 52 Fates.

Perilous Ventures is currently available as a Playtest Edition on a pay-what-you-want-basis (with a minimum of $0, so technically it's free). Get it here:

Perilous Ventures Playtest Edition

Eventually this will grow into a full-blown set of RPG books, with monsters and even an initial adventure to get everything started! As a Patron, your support will help me develop this game until we get the Kickstarter up and running, and then after that, allow me to continue writing expansions and adventures for it.

If you're interested in acquiring Lorin's Deliverance, the Perilous Ventures' quickstart, you can get it here for free.

52 Fates is a unique, easy to play tabletop RPG system that uses a single, standard 52-card deck for combat and skill resolution. Two character classes, four spells, low hit points, and interesting strategic play options make this an unique proposition among RPG games. And it all fits in a zini format; A single-double-sided letter-sized page is enough to print all the basic rules. You can get it here:

52 Fates

I've played tabletop role-playing games throughout most of my life, and in the course I've learned many things about what to do, and what not to do, when playing or running games. My YouTube channel's purpose is to help fellow role-players with the ins and outs of these wonderful games, share information about new games and game accessories, and overall contribute to what is a wonderful hobby.

My YouTube channel: Dice, Pencil, & Paper.

I don't monetize my YouTube channel, so your support as a Patron also helps me keep recording videos about GM tips and RPG product reviews, and also helps in the development of Perilous Ventures all the way to become a complete RPG system.

Thank you for your support, and keep those dice rolling!

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