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Welcome! I'm Simon and I created When I was in college, I picked up Dungeons and Dragons and was the DM for my group of friends. When we graduated and went our separate ways, I wanted to be able to continue to play with them so I created to help us do that.

At its core, is a tool that streamlines the character creation process and allows a DM to keep track of all of their players' sheets in real time. 

What is
As a forever-DM, I love crafting theoretical characters and found that copying down all the information I want in a sheet can be tedious at times. To help speed up the process, takes the basic character information you give it to calculate most other numerical values on the sheet. Of course, certain features will modify calculated values so a user can manually input everything if they so choose.

Another feature important to me is the ability to share character sheets with my players and friends so characters are easily exportable and can be linked to using the import/export button. For example, you can instantly have a copy of the character sheet in the banner by following this link.

Finally, you can play online by creating a D&D table by entering any table name. Users who put in the same name as you will join a chatroom where you can see your fellow players' characters and health and DMs can read everyone's full character sheet and show images and maps to players in real-time. This feature is rather primitive and I'd love to develop this into something greater with your help!

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As a Patron, you'll have access to features before non-patrons. Additionally, you'll get increasingly exclusive Discord roles to discuss your exclusive releases and the direction the app is going with your fellow Patrons. Finally, you'll have access to more cloud features as a Patron!

We have a Discord Server here if you'd like to chat with me and other users!
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At $6,000 per month, I can work on full-time!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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