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Hi. Thanks for looking in. If you don't know me, I'm a playwright.

Dick & Me

I've written @dick_nixon on Twitter since 2008, regularly since 2012. What started as a writing exercise has turned, for better or worse, into a daily attempt to understand and interpret our times through President Nixon's thinking.

I want @dick_nixon to "play it tough" (as he'd say), cut the crap, and perhaps make you think differently about current events and Nixon's place in them. If I can give you some laughs, too, then I've succeeded.

Why We're Here

I published a lot of political analysis during the 2016 election. @dick_nixon was a weekly (often bi-weekly) columnist at Mashable, and also wrote for PoliticoDaily Beast, and Foreign Policy, among others. Occasionally I also published historical context under my own name. I tried to be an antidote to the campaign's hysterics and provide facts others missed.

I miss writing these. It was great to have more than 140 characters, and they were a challenge under @dick_nixon's byline or my own. That's why I want to offer them straight to you.

Think of them as midnight memos from RN's legal pad.

Pledging $10 or more gets you a new piece of analysis each week. (In big news weeks, maybe more than one.) They'll begin on May 1, 2018, and pause only for the flu or jury duty. (I'll let you know.) If you truly know your Hugh Sloans from your Herb Kalmbachs, you can pledge more and get more stuff.

And if you'd simply like to throw a few bucks to CREEP, I appreciate that too.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

Your support through the years -- likes, laughs, challenges, encouragement, sharing personal stories -- has sustained me. I'm honored you've stuck with me, and proud to call you my friends.

Thank you. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 91 exclusive posts
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