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Hello! My name is Diego, I am a Youtuber and live broadcaster that goes by the internet name "Diegosaurs". I originally would go on Tours ran by a third party company that would charge upwards of $50(MUCH more in most cases.) to meet and take pictures/spend time with me. On one of these tours I got in a fight with the management because I was spending time with fans that did not have tickets into the show. They said it was wrong that I met them because they did not have tickets, therefore did not have money and I could not meet them. I thought this was completely wrong and outrageously inhuman, the fight escalated to the point where the tour decided to kick me off and left me stranded in San Diego, California. (I live in colorado.) I was not upset about being kicked off the tour, in fact in brought me relief, having people pay so much money and spend so much time to spend so little time with me always ate away at me in the back of my mind. So what I, in high spirits decided to do was follow the tour that kicked me off to the last 4 dates, Orange county CA, San Fransisco CA, Portland OR, Seattle WA, using my own time and resources I would do free meetups in all of those cities right next to the venues of the people that left me. I announced that I would be doing this and I got overwhelming support from all sides. I'm currently sitting in a hotel room after my meetup at the third date, Portland. I have decided that free meetups are the only type that I want to be doing, as long as I have the funds and the means. I enjoy getting to choose how much time I get to spend with the people I care for most, all of you guys. I love and appreciate all the people who have gotten me to this point in my life and meeting you guys for free is the least I can do to give back.
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This amount will be enough to fund one free meetup every month. The meetup will be entirely free and will be on the first weekend of every month. The $1000 will be enough to cover, venue expenses, air travel, hotels, food, uber(land travel.) and time. I would love to be able to start meeting you guys for free!
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