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About Jeremiah Caudle

Sky & Ocean Productions is a small indie group put together by myself. What started simply as a group for radioplays has become something much bigger and has even partnered with KJC Comix to help promote and put together an RPG based on one of our radioplays, Dies Irae.

The support given to us will help fund the art (done by Deji), the music (done by Jamaal Ephriam), programming (done by Frank Nieuwland), sprites, tilesets, and voice actors (such as Cristina Vee, Lucien Dodge, Lawrence Simpson, Laura Post and so many others).

So far this project has been 100% funded by myself. Right now, we are trying to put together a worthy presentation to gain more than full support through Kickstarter backers. Though we failed our first attempt, not only have learned... but we have greatly improved based off backer feedback. Living up to our promise of backer input and feedback, the quality has skyrocketed. Though with little funds, the Kickstarter has been delayed on several occasions whilst we wait for funds to pay those making this dream a reality. We are serious about what we do, and we do not take failure lightly. So to get to where we need to be, we need YOUR help!
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With funds going towards character design, additional funds such as can go towards other art aspects such as the world map or concept art of various locations (ex: the Six Kingdoms of Gaia).
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