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Hi everyone!
Thank you for coming to my page! I have lots to share with you so lets delve straight in....

Diets Don’t Work!
Yes, this is a rather bold statement to make but I’m sure you will agree with me if you continue to read on. I will be showing you the lies, help you to discover the truth and uncover the secrets that the diet world doesn't want you to know.

Why should you join me?
So that we can work together to uncover the lies that we have been told about the billion dollar diet and exercise industry. I will also be sharing with you my theory to weight loss WITHOUT DIETING!! Which i have named 'The Mind Switch', a key to a healthier and happier lifestyle simply by changing your mind set.This will enable you, a friend, family member or even a work colleague to lose weight or to allow you to have a healthier life  without restricting yourself from anything that you enjoy. My posts will be a mix of weight loss information, facts about dieting, facts about exercise and also The Mind Switch is being posted every Monday and Thursday.

Who is this for?
Anyone! yes, that's right, anyone at all! If you want a healthy and happy lifestyle and need some answers or even motivation to get yourself on the right track, then this will be right for you!

Why am I doing this?
This simple answer is, I want everyone to know the secrets that are out there. I want everyone to know that losing weight or maintaining a desired weight is easy if you know how. I used to feel so desperate when i was overweight. I felt guilty for eating chocolate or lazy if i didn't go to the gym. We have sadly be brainwashed into beleiving numerous amounts of information that most of us still believe to be true. I am driven by passion to rid the world of fad diets and to show the world that you can truly have a happy healthy life with a few minor adjustments. Once the world knows, we can send these money grabbing companies packing!
All you have to do is read my posts. Together we can defeat the lies and discover the truth!

Here I would like to share with you some personal information about myself. About how I suffered from weight gain in my late teens and the years that I spent, painfully trying to lose it.

Where It All Began
From a young age, I learned a lot about the diet world. Around the age of seven, I stopped eating lunch at school with a friend who was having some family issues. She never had anything to eat so I would join her to make her feel more comfortable. It was fine for me at the time as I had an overweight mother and a fitness fanatic father who split me and my sister down the middle. My dad would say things like " If you eat ___ you'll end up like your mother". I took it as advice, however my sister felt like it was bullying.  In the end, I took my dad side, yet allowing the fear that I could end up overweight overbear me at times. Whilst my sister took my mums side sitting on the sofa with some TV.
My kitchen was like a supermarket, filled with sweets, chocolate, cakes and more. My dad would make more comments towards my less active sister. He would continue saying to her that she would get "fat like our mother" if she continued to eat them. I could understand my father, that he did genuinely have a lot of fear for us becoming overweight. But luckily for me, I spent a lot of time keeping myself active with friends and purposely avoiding food whenever I could. When I think about it, I took pride in the fact that I was super slim. I could still indulge in all of the delicious foods that everyone else was enjoying, but I opted to eat a fraction of the portions. I was certainly conscious about the amount that I consumed. The fear had almost driven me to insanity with my standing in doorways, pushing against the wood as I sucked in as hard as I could. It sounds a little silly now, but I believed that by doing this , it would make me thinner.

I moved out of the family home at a young age with very little knowledge about ‘good’ food. My diet consisted of microwave food, sandwiches, pot noodles, just about anything that could be thrown into an oven or a microwave. I was misled about healthy eating, reading articles about the expensive foods that you need to make a healthy dish tasty but i simply couldn’t afford them. So I continued to live with my poor diet of microwave meals and oven dishes.

A year into living alone I was shocked and genuinely scared to discover that I had gained two and a half stone. As I stared at a photo of myself from a recent holiday, I was utterly disgusted and bewildered on how I had got to this point. Instantly I made a pact to myself that I would stop the weight gain immediately, that I’d work out a plan to lose the weight and get back to my normal self within a few months but this is where the horrors began.
Diet after diet with more determination for the next one than the last, I’d fail and fail again. Years on I was still battling with the many diets that I had endured, not to mention that, I had lost a ton of self-confidence spending the years foul mouthing my excess weight. I continued to diet yet I never admitted to my friends that I was enduring a diet as I felt shameful. I was led to believe that dieting is easy if you follow the steps correctly, that you gotta work hard, no pain, no gain if I wanted to lose the weight permanently. I was made to feel lazy because I didn’t want to do any more exercise than I was already doing and I certainly didn’t want to go back to starving myself.
8 years on, still fighting the weight battle, I was introduced to a book that helped me quit smoking which I never ever thought I could achieve (Easy Way To Quit Smoking by Allen Carr). Furthermore, Allen had also published a diet book (Easy Weigh to Lose Weight) which helped me to question what I had been taught for years. He explains that we need to change our mindset to be able to lose the weight for good. I felt his methods didn’t work for me in the end it was still technically a diet where i had to remove some of the foods that i really enjoy, however, I knew he was onto something. I delved in deeper, spending over a year studying diets, how they work, general nutrition and exercise. Compiling all of the information that I had identified, I created a plan for myself, which I have followed for over six months. The plan isn’t a diet, it doesn’t control calories, doesn’t tell you to do strenuous exercises, doesn’t stop you from eating all of the foods that you enjoy. They are simple habits that you can change for a lifetime.
What shocked me the most was the fact that this information is actually out there if you really, really search for it. So why doesn't the WHO (World Health Organization), the Department For Health or your local NHS (if you're from the UK) tell us the truth? Is it because they are being paid by big companies like Coca Cola, so they cannot state that all sugary drinks are dangerously intoxicating to the body? Do they enjoy hiding that fact that the chemicals inside a can of coke are highly addictive? ( not having a go at Coca Cola company, they are one of many out there!)

I am deeply passionate about making this world a healthier and a happier place to live in, so if you want this also, then please become a patron and follow my weekly write ups and videos that will help to give the world a greater understanding of the lies that we have been fed and the truth that we all need to know!

$1 of $1,000 per month
When I hit $1000 per month, I will be able to pay for a website so i can start preparing to set up my non profit business.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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