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Hello and welcome to my Patreon page. 

My name is Steven Wells and I have been making videos since I was 12. 

Back in school I made quite a few pieces of LEGO animation. 
These include shorts such as
Resident Evil City in Bricks,
Star Wars Apocalypse 1 & 2 and
Batman Crossovers with The Punisher, Spiderman, Aliens & Predator.  

Mini series such as
Lego DOOM 
Lego Silent Hill. 

I desire to keep making more pieces of animation and have started to use 6 Inch figures. 
It is my dream to keep making more videos for the rest of my life to entertain people and share my ideas with the world.

Unfortunately with my current full time job, I do not have the same amount of time anymore, but I am always scripting new ideas for projects. 

With a passion for animation and toys. I also have a toy review channel that currently has over 44,900 subscribers which helps me a lot and I hope it carries on to grow. 

Here are some of the comments I have gotten from people on youtube:

TheElectricShark "Thank you so much for making this series."

FizzieBits "I remember this video from when i was so small its still cool :)"

Sync Neuron Tutorials " this was one of my favourite videos back in 2010 if I remeber right, i still like it :)"

Gillan Baclayon "I was 6th Grade when I saw this in 2008. Now, it brings back so much memories"

Max Carroll "Even though I m not a HUGE batman fan anymore, this stop motion still very much entertains me."

DudeltsJusfFake "Just looked up Lego resident evil, needed to see this video again. back then is loved this one so much :)"

sergio TheSleepingDumpling "oh my god this is so brilliant. I remember watching this in elementary now I'm a junior in high school :') you sir have my respect and you are amazing for creating such a master piece."

Thank you everyone on youtube for your kind words and thank you everyone who decides to give support in any way inside and outside of patreon. Any support is greatly appreciated.
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Just a starter to see how it goes! :)
And Thank you everyone!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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