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*Discord* - Active community for discussing my content, anime, music, and whatever other interests my patrons share.

*Missing Videos* - A lot of my content gets removed from regular streaming sites, so I've had to archive it here. List on left.

*Exclusives* - Often I drop random content that I'm not sure what to do with on my patreon.

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Any higher-tier audio/visual content becomes available to this tier once it's a year old.
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Access to a 90-minute podcast released every other week, in which I review all of my experiences over the past two weeks in-depth! Insights into my creative process, fun personal stories, and reviews of media which I don't find a chance to cover in a full video are abound. 
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About Digibro

You like watching youtube videos about anime.

I make those.

If you pay me, I'll keep doing it.

And just for the hell of it, I'll upload anything else I make to the internet as well--and post it all on my alt channel: Digibro After Dark.

This patreon exists to promote my ability to continue making regular videos on each of these channels. Anything I make outside the purview of "regular videos on each of these channels" will not be accounted for--at least for now. Joining this patreon will also involve you in an active Discord community if you so choose.

I've got endless ambitions and intentions and I can't do it without your help, so let's do it!!

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$4,513 of $5,500 per month
I GOT MOUTHS TA FEED!! My patreon pays for my house, car, food, etc., and I pay a live-in assistant, plus I owe money to the government. At this amount, I won't come out at a net loss each month!
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