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Howdy y'all! I'm Duckie but some people know me as digitalduckie, Mama Duck, or even HRH Sir Butt Lord Duckie IIV esq. Okay no one uses that last one.

To get FAQ #1 out of the way, I go by Duckie because I like ducks. It's a boring, simple story that started almost 20 years ago and now here we are.

FAQ #2: What are you doing here on Patreon?

Simply put, I'm an artist! A freelance artist at that. I produce sketches, illustrations, and comics and share them with the world. Why? Because drawing and making things has been my go-to form of expressing myself for as long as I can remember. Perhaps most importantly, however, I've always seen art as a fascinating and inspiring form of communication. It's one of the primary ways I can engage others in my passions and hopefully spread that passion.

The thing is, freelancing is time consuming. Day jobs are time consuming. And the less I have to rely on my day job for income, the more time I have for illustrating, making comics, and being an artist in general! The more you pledge, the more support I'll have to focus on the one thing in life I've always known I was going to do: Make art!

FAQ #3: What kind of art do you do?

Largely I do digital illustrations, but I also do a lot of marker work particularly of paper children. I've also got a large collection of traditional non-digital supplies I'd love to have more time and space to work with again. And as a hobby, I love to take photographs, particularly candid shots of friends and family and of the baseball stadiums I travel to.

One of my current projects includes making a physical copy of the journal my character, Marshall, carries with him. This involves a lot of research, world building, writing, sketching- the works!

If you'd like to see the progress for this project, I've got a blog dedicated to it here!

On the professional front, recently I've done some character design, illustration, graphics, and layouts for Anime Ohana! You should check them out if you're in or looking to travel to Hawaii.

You can see my current portfolio here!

FAQ #4: What will pledging do?

Pledges will help supplement if not replace my income, pay for living expenses, supplies, and even the expenses of selling at conventions!

Pledges will help provide me with the time to really get my feet beneath myself and polish up my portfolio, finally get my website going, and bring some of these dusty half-thumbnailed comics to life.

Pledges will help me bring more art to you guys!

FAQ #5: What will I get in return?

I hope that you'll get a warm fuzzy feeling inside for one. It's a great way of showing your support for the work I do.

I'm also open to any suggestions for other rewards and as I manage to reach various goals, I can start working on some projects that may result in even more rewards!

FAQ #6: What about the content currently on your Tumblr, Facebook, and DeviantArt?

These venues will always remain free and will continue to see the sort of content they still see. But anything that's Patreon-exclusive will not be seen there or will be seen at a later date. I understand not everyone has the budget to help support me and I also don't want to be the sort of person to suddenly lock everything I do up. That's why the rewards are -rewards-. They're to show my gratitude for the extra support you provide me!

If you don't already know these accounts already, you can find me on all three as digitalduckie.

I hope that answers any questions you might have about what it is I do and why. Thank you for your consideration!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
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