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What do I do?
I have decided to become a tech blogger because I am passionate about technologies. I love doing research on technology history, developments and improvements then I will make a content about it in my blog. This is so that it will be easier for my readers to get to know a little more about the tech just by reading my blog. I also create "how to do" tutorials on my blog from time to time for people to have an easy time navigating or fixing their devices and most importantly, to have a better understanding about tech.
Why do I do this?
Like I said, I am passionate about technology such as how the internet has started, how Jobs and Bill Gates breakthrough the technology which made a new advancement into it and many more. Also, while I was travelling around, I found a lot of people looking up onto the web for "how to" tutorials as they don’t really know on how to properly navigate sometimes or install new devices. So, I will be really happy if I can help them with it. I know there are a huge competitions out there already but I would still want to try to help that one person whom I may be able to reach, that will satisfy my heart.
When do I post?
I am a student in real life outside of the internet. I am also helping my family as well as trying to save for my further studies and travelling if possible. So, I do posting at least twice a week. Sometimes, more than twice but I will try to do it more frequently in future as far as possible.
What will you use the money for?
I will use it mostly for savings for my further studies and hopefully, be able to fund my blog to get a domain name and host it on my own.
Why should I support your writing?
If you love what I do, you can support me with even a very little amount you like. I will be very happy to have received your valuable support and it will help me a lot. It will definitely motivate me to become better every day.

Thank you.

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